Unleashing Agricultural Potential:
Our Comprehensive Services for Farmers

Our team consists of highly knowledgeable individuals who possess extensive experience in the industry. Each with their own unique backgrounds and ideas on how best to serve our customers. We are passionate about agriculture and remain up-to-date with the latest advancements in seed and fertilizer technologies from our supplier partners. We take pride in our ability to provide expert guidance to farmers, ensuring they make informed decisions that align with their specific objectives.


Understanding your feed or forage’s nutritional composition is critical to understanding how your animals will perform while consuming the feed. Our experts look beyond the results provided to guide producers in how better-quality forages can be grown. Often looking at the soil itself leads us to making nutritional improvements in your quality of feeds.

Hay Field


In conjunction with our feed suppliers, we have access to some of the best nutritionists in the industry. Building upon their knowledge, we can work to formulate an individual feed or complete diet to meet the nutritional requirements of your animals. Our goal is to provide the right combination and amount of nutrients necessary for the animals’ growth, production, and overall health without costing a fortune.

Route Delivery Service


All our custom or stocked feed, mineral, or supplemental products are available for delivery throughout our service area. Additionally, custom feed products are able to be delivered in bulk, directly to your storage bin. Contact your local Bluff Country representative or our office to get your delivery scheduled!


Understanding your soil’s composition is fundamental to making informed decisions about seed selection and nutrient management. We offer comprehensive soil analysis services that provide detailed insights into your soil’s pH, micronutrient levels, and organic matter content. Our soil experts interpret the results and provide customized recommendations to optimize soil health, enhance nutrient availability, and address any deficiencies or imbalances.

Soil Sampling


We understand that every farm is unique, with varying soil conditions, crop requirements, and yield goals. Our team of agronomists will work closely with you to develop customized nutrient management plans. Through comprehensive soil and tissue testing and analysis, we identify nutrient deficiencies and formulate precise fertilizer recommendations to address specific crop demands.


Our fertilizer application service is designed to make lasting changes in the way farmers nourish their crops. Liquid and dry products focused on making lasting change, not just solving a “today” issue. We provide expert advice on application rates, timing, and techniques to ensure that your fertilization practices are efficient and environmentally responsible.