Fertilizers play a vital role in nurturing crops and optimizing their growth. We offer a unique portfolio of fertilizers, different from your traditional NPK options, each formulated to deliver essential nutrients that promote robust plant development as well as improving overall soil biology. Our fertilizers are selected to enhance soil fertility, increase nutrient uptake, and improve overall crop quality.

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Midwestern BioAg Brands
Midwestern Bio-Ag

Midwestern BioAg

Midwestern BioAg is known for a system of farming. The founders developed a new approach to farming more than three decades ago — an approach now known as “biological farming.” Long before many understood the role of soil microbes, this new approach sought to balance multiple soil values: chemistry (where the bulk of the farm sector’s financial and intellectual investments had been made), biology (from soil microbes to earthworms to plants) and soil structure. By supporting the soil’s biology, the applied and existing soil nutrients become more plant available. In addition, the soil structure improves. Our approach leads to significant gains in yield and in the quality of the food and forage grown. This is the process that led us to focus on supporting soil life.

QLF Agronomy

QLF Agronomy

QLF liquid-carbon based fertilizer (L-CBF) products get more out of your fertilizer chemistry by working with biology. L-CBF is a combination of balanced crop nutrients with complex carbon sources. Versatile, convenient, cost effective and proven return-on-investment. L-CBF uses a safer approach to improving fertilizer performance while benefiting soil health. QLF L-CBF products enhance yield, provide better crop starts, promote nutrient use efficacy, improve forage quality, and deliver more foliar feeding opportunities.

QLF Products
Monty's Plant Food products
Monty's Plant & Soil Products

Monty’s Plant Food

Monty’s primary goal has always been to help farmers be more successful. They offer farmers high efficiency nutrient solutions – whether in-furrow starters, industry-leading humic-based soil conditioners, or foliar applied nutrient packages – designed to bring better root development, healthier plants, and ultimately higher yields!