Whether it’s your garden, or your back 40, Bluff Country Feed & Seed has the products to meet your needs. We offer products from leading local and regional seed providers to ensure you are getting the most from your seed.



With Dairyland Seed® you can expect top-quality corn, soybean, alfalfa and silage products that deliver dependable results year after year. And because they understand that there’s more to success than what’s in the seed bag, they also offer a bit of the unexpected—boots-on-the-ground, hands-in-the-dirt support whenever and wherever you need them.

Dairyland Seeds


Elk Mound Seed Company is a family owned and operated business. They offer a wide variety of farm seeds and specializes in non-native seeds that are difficult to find. They also offer seed mixing, which allows farmers to mix and match seed into their own custom mix.

Elk Mound Seed


Founded in 1987, Millborn Seeds is a specialty seed provider with roots in agriculture, conservation, and restoration of native landscapes. With an inventory of more than 1,000 species of plants, Millborn Seeds can create highly specialized mixes, from diverse cover crop blends to pollinator and native seed mixes. It is their goal to ensure that the products are properly utilized to fulfill your needs.

Millborn Seeds


Monty’s primary goal has always been to help farmers be more successful. We offer farmers high efficiency nutrient solutions – whether in-furrow starters, industry-leading humic-based soil conditioners, or foliar applied nutrient packages – designed to bring better root development, healthier plants, and ultimately higher yields!

Monty's Plant Food

Lawn & Garden

We work with several suppliers to ensure our lawn seed mixes are sourced properly. Seeds from northern regions and that provide the best winter hardiness or hold up to high traffic. Through multiple vendors, we are certain to have the turf grass mix or lawn grass seed you need.